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  • SLEDEXT - Snowmobile adventures in Turkey

  • A team of skilled riders

  • Tours take place in picturesque places


Our SLEDEXT team has been working in Turkey since 2018 and is organizing snowmobile adventures along the entire length of the Pontic Ridge, located along the Turkish coast of the Black Sea, in close proximity to the Georgian border.

Snowmobile routes run at an altitude of 1300 meters to 3100 meters above sea level.

The tours are suitable for both beginners who want to master a mountain snowmobile, and experienced riders. After all, our snowmobile school will teach you everything you need!



Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel along scenic roads, check-in at a mountain hotel, walking in the fresh air, acclimatization, security briefing


Days of active skiing

3 days of drive, emotions and unforgettable impressions. snowmobile program for 6-8 hours a day. Evening gatherings in a friendly team


Departure day

Check-out from the hotel, visiting hot springs (optional), seeing off at the airport, departure


Accommodation 4 nights 5 days in hotels selected under this program.

Single occupancy is standard.

The price includes breakfast for all days of stay.

Rent a mountain snowmobile BRP Ski-Doo Summit generation G5.

Track length 154 - 165.

All snowmobiles from our fleet are fresh and serviced in accordance with BRP regulations in our service center. Upgrade to TURBO is possible for an additional fee.

All fuel and two-stroke engine oil that you use when driving your snowmobile is already included in the price of the program.

One guide-instructor for a group of up to 7 people.

Will accompany the group, as well as teach and explain skating techniques to beginners.

For experienced riders, he will accompany and show the most interesting, difficult, but at the same time safe routes.

Almost from all the peaks on our routes, in clear weather, there is a magnificent view of the Black Sea and the mountains

The memory of skiing in our region will remain in your memory for a long time, but we are always waiting for you again


You can buy a ticket for one of the flights convenient for you to the airports of Rize, Trabzon or Batumi, having previously agreed with the reservation manager.

Most international flights will connect in Istanbul.

If you need help with booking and paying for air tickets, ask the manager, we will be happy to help you or take all the troubles upon ourselves.

We can organize your meeting at the airport and assistance with luggage if necessary.

A person from our team will meet you and take you to the hotel.

We can organize transfers from any point and any number of people in the group.


Prices for a standard transfer for 3-4 people:

- Rize Airport - Handuzu Hotel - 150 euros.

- Trabzon Airport - Khanduzu Hotel - 200 euros.

- Batumi Airport - Khanduzu Hotel - 300 euros.

- Erzurum Airport - Handuzu Hotel - 400 euros.

Lunches in the mountains and dinners at the hotel restaurant are not included in the price.


When booking, you can discuss with our manager the diet and cost of lunch in the mountains, and order dinner yourself at the hotel restaurant.

We recommend that you take out insurance from your bank or insurance company for extreme sports and recreation abroad with coverage from $ 100,000 in case of an accident or injury

We are for a healthy lifestyle. 

On the days of riding on the routes, we do not encourage the use of alcohol. 

It can only be your decision. It is not always possible to find the drinks you are used to in hotels, so it is better to take care of this in advance

You can order a hookah in the hotel restaurant at any time, and if you really want, we can take it with you to the mountains and “score” it right at the top of the mountain so that you can fully relax and unwind with stunning views of the foot of the mountains and the Black Sea.

You can also take cool photos with a hookah on the top of a snow-capped mountain or an open rock. Which of your friends have these? Probably no one!

If for some reason you did not take with you any personal equipment or clothing you need for skiing, we have all the necessary equipment on site and you can rent it for an additional fee.


List of mandatory equipment, without which travel to the mountains is PROHIBITED:

- Avalanche equipment (bipper, avalanche backpack, probe, shovel).

- Helmet.

- Winter suit (overalls).

- Winter boots.

- Winter gloves.


This entire list is compiled solely for your safety and health!


You can rent any of these positions from us.

It is better to discuss everything with our staff in advance.

To book a tour, you make a deposit of 1000 euros in any convenient currency, which is returned in the same currency at the end of the tour and is an insurance deposit against damage to equipment and equipment

If any damage to equipment or snowmobiles occurred during your riding or operation (collision, fall, flip, etc.) you will need to pay for their removal at the prices of our dealership. Be sure to check the snowmobile before using it. The damage related to the engine and transmission is not your fault you will not be burdened


There is a SPA complex on the territory of our hotel which you can use at any time.

You can really appreciate it after a full day behind the wheel of a mountain snowmobile.


The SPA complex includes:

- 2 wooden saunas

- A font with an incredible view of the foot of the mountains and the Black Sea.

- Professional massage.



- Sauna + plunge pool = 70 euros per visit.

- Massage - 100 euros.


If necessary, we can bring professional bath attendants for you. You can discuss this possibility with our manager when booking.

The spa complex must be booked in advance.

Instead of a regular snowmobile, you can pay extra for a TURBO snowmobile and get twice the fun and power at peak heights.

The cost of the upgrade is 100 euros per day.

Be sure to book in advance, we have a limited number of TURBO snowmobiles.

If you wish, you can take a personal guide - instructor and receive individual guiding or training for the whole day.

You will ride separately from the group, in untouched places, more difficult if your riding level allows, or, on the contrary, more comfortable and safe if you are just learning about mountain snowmobiling.

This service and its cost must be discussed with our manager during the booking process.

Memories of a trip to the mountains are wonderful, but it’s much better if you take with you high-quality photo and video materials that will remain with you for life, which you can show to your friends and family, and of course publish on your social networks.

Our team has a professional cameraman who can make an “ACTION” or “TRAVEL” video for you, as well as conduct a full-fledged photo shoot.

This service and its cost must be discussed with our manager when booking a tour!

A non-skating participant sharing a holiday with you.

You can take anyone on the tour with you, even if they don't want to participate in an active snowmobile program, there will be something for them to do at the hotel.

Please be sure to notify us in advance and make payment.

You can additionally book excursions on the day of arrival or on the day of departure, and for a non-rolling participant on any other day. Please think about this in advance

If necessary, you can leave the hotel later than the appointed time.

This will need to be agreed upon and paid for separately.

Due to the fact that skiing and accommodation takes place in the mountainous regions of Turkey, where there is often a difficult weather situation, heavy snowfalls and blizzards, sometimes we have to change the schedule and routes for your safety and maximum enjoyment of the amount of snow. 

We ask you to treat such changes with understanding, because nature does not have bad weather;)


26 - 28 JANUARY


29 - 31 JANUARY


2 - 4 february






12 - 14 FEBRUARY


16 - 18 FEBRUARY


19 - 21 FEBRUARY


23 - 25 FEBRUARY


26 - 28 FEBRUARY


1 - 3 march


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29 - 31 march


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